Don Valley Trails in Toronto Ontario

Welcome to the home of DVTGHC, a club formed to advocate the sustainable use (primarily mountain bike riding) of Toronto's Don Valley trails, and many other trails around Canada. Toronto is located in Ontario, which is also famous for the Niagra Falls, and Niagra on the Lake.

We welcome the responsible use of the trails by all visitors, both from within Ontario and from outside the Province. Chcek out the following for ways in which you can help us preserve the Don Valley trail system:

  1. Ride on open trails only.
    Respect trail closures; the way you ride will influence trail management decisions.
  2. Leave no trace.
    Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Recognize different types of soils and trail construction; practice low-impact cycling. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage. When the trailbed is soft, consider other riding options. This also means staying on existing trails and not creating new ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.
  3. Control your bicycle!
    Inattention for even a second can cause problems. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations.
  4. Always yield trail - slowly.
    Let your fellow trail users know you're coming. A friendly greeting or bell is considerate and works well; don't startle others. Show your respect when passing by slowing to a walking pace or even stopping. Anticipate other trail users around corners or in blind spots. Slow down, establish communication, be prepared to stop if necessary, and pass safely.
  5. Never scare animals.
    All animals are startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement, or a loud noise.
  6. Pick up litter.
    You enjoy the Don Valley trails and every piece of litter you remove helps. Even if it's one candy bar wrapper, every bit helps. Dispose of the litter in a garbage can.

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